So What's Boudoir and Why Should I Do It?

WHAT IS BOUDOIR? Playful, sexy pictures to give as gifts to your significant other...or just for you! These images are a perfect gift for romantic special occasions, or just to build your confidence and to see yourself as the goddess you really are!

I offer several types of boudoir.

  • Bridal Boudoir: Exactly what it sounds like! This is typically shot with white lingerie, veils, garters, and playful.
  • Fashion Boudoir: Think Victoria's Secret! Feel like a model when you select colorful robes and lingerie. Add a pair of wings if you want...the sky's the limit!
  • Noir Boudoir: Dark, high-key, old Hollywood glamour! This is smoky and seductive -  perfect for all the vamps out there.

LOCATION: These sessions take place your choice of my studio (red, black, or white backdrop) or a lifestyle studio (think billowy curtains, natural light, and a bed). It's up to you!

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Professional hair, makeup, and even wardrobe styling are included in my packages!

HOW MUCH ARE THESE SESSIONS? My boudoir sessions are sold as complete packages. Email me at for all the details!

BUT I'M SHY ABOUT MY AGE/BODY! GIRL. I love making women feel confident in their beauty! These images are meant for the one you love and who loves you - so don't be shy! It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or 22 - because you are BEAUTIFUL.

HOW DO I KEEP THESE IMAGES PRIVATE? These images are best gifted in luxe folio boxes or fine linen/leather albums. Trust me...this is a gift your love will NEVER forget.

Boduoir Model.jpg

Gorgeous Gifts!

Anna Sudberry