Hi, I'm Anna!

How Long Have You Been Shooting?

I learned both film and digital processes in and out of the darkroom starting at the age of 14. It was an instant love affair! I started modeling right out of high school, and absolutely fell in love with fashion - on both sides of the camera.

What’s Your Background?

I am a university-trained photographer and member of Professional Photographers of America. I have freelanced for studios holding contracts for national brands, including TJ Maxx, and I have retouched for Victoria’s Secret. After working as a full-time professional photographer and designer for the State of Tennessee, I launched my own studio: Antoinette Boudoir Studio!

I studied photography and worked at the photography laboratory during college. Several exciting years of modeling and photographing people and places around the world followed, including Korea, France, England, Belgium, Malaysia, and many more! Over the course of my career, I have been lucky enough to take workshops taught by some of the biggest names in photography.

Why Did You Name the Studio Antoinette?

I wanted my clients to instantly get a feel for my style of boudoir: luxe, glam, sexy, and elegant! My studio is decorated with chandeliers, crystal, and gold mirrors. The closer I can get my studio to Versailles, the better. :)

Is this your full time Job?

Yes! Today, I focus full-time on portrait photography and making women of all ages and sizes feel beautiful through Antoinette Boudoir Studio. My studio is based out of Lebanon, Tennessee, and I am available for travel all over the world!

Shoot & Share International Photo Contest, 2018

Shoot & Share International Photo Contest, 2018